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Anaerobic Digestion plant optimisation:

The ADvance product line

ADvance Silphie strapline.jpg
ADvance strapline.jpg

Tariff Management and Energy Procurement:

Optimising the price of your grid power & gas 

Business Finance:

Loans, asset finance, leasing and

invoice finance

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CHP-Power Agreements for Anaerobic Digestion plants:

Fully funded CHP contracts


Heat projects:

Fully funded projects in co-generation

heat pumps, waste heat recovery

& solar thermal


Onsite Energy Generation/ Storage/ Efficiency:

CHP, solar PV, EV charging points, battery storage, LED lighting, etc. 

Via our zero capex PPA or supply & install

Energy sector start-ups and new enterprise:

Raising of funds, commercial strategic

and sales advice, management input

and next stage development

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES):

Reporting, certification & ratings

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